Operationalized Impermanent Loss & Range Bounded Assets

Liquidity Mining Ethereum Volatility on Uniswap V3 with volmex.finance v1 and “Buying the Dip”

What are we working with?

Uniswap’s downloadable brand assets are 🔥
Composable, tokenized volatility? What can’t be done in DeFi?


Providing Liquidity & Impermanent Loss

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Uniswap V3 — wyd Hayden?

LINK/WETH liquidity position in Uniswap V3
Another LINK/WETH liquidity position in Uniswap V3
Swap interface

Don’t Sell Your Liquidity Position on OpenSea

Boating accident?

Uniswap V2 vs. Uniswap V3

Shamelessly taken from Finematics
Hayden sharing some knowledge about how to utilize V3 as if it was V2
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Tokenized Volatility by Volmex Labs

Minting volatility tokens with volmex.finance v1
Redeeming volatility tokens in volmex.finance v1

The Goal

Zoom in to read the strategy and considerations. Good luck automating this…
Composability to the max

A Match Made in Heaven

Uniswap V3 + volmex.finance v1

Selecting a Price Range

Setting a Data Supported Price Range for ETHV


Loose Ends

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